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One of Washington’s best-kept secrets is the pile of US “Capitol Stones” that sit deep in Rock Creek Park nine miles from their previous home.  Reached by winding and unmarked trails, they are a hidden urban oasis of sandstone blocks and fallen columns, abandoned and yet remembered.  Once part of the Capitol building, now woven into the life of the capital.


We chose this location for the first group photo of the founders of Shape Advocacy. 


The stones call us back to our own stories and beginnings, a beautiful, physical reminder of the dreams that brought us to this unique place and the work that is only done here, a monument to the truth that the work of the world’s greatest democracy is never done. And neither is our responsibility for the role we play in it. 


As we left the old stones, we buzzed with anticipation.  Like the workers who carted the stones around the city before finding a new home for them in Rock Creek Park, we are building something new we hope will matter and last:  a firm of passionate political professionals, dedicated to doing our best every day for every client, fiercely competitive and determined to set the bar high, and solidly committed to teamwork and partnership in everything we do.


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